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Adult Speech Therapy

As adults, we often forget how much we rely up our ability to speak to get through our day. However, when our ability to speak or understand language becomes impaired, the effect can be devastating. At Temecula Valley Therapy Services, we help adults who unfortunately have suffered from a lost of their speech, language and/or swallowing. Some have suffered from a stroke or Cardiovascular Accident (CVA), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) or some other neurological disorder. Others are experiencing vocal nodules, vocal polyps, Spasmodic Dysphonia, or other disorders of the voice. Regardless of the cause, we have the individualized program to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes; Temecula Valley Therapy Services now offers individual speech-language, swallowing, occupational, and physical therapy services on an outpatient basis.

All new patients must be assessed before beginning treatment; typically an assessment is completed in one 60 minute session, though a second session may be required for more complex cases. An assessment is comprehensive and will evaluate speech, language, oral motor function, voice and fluency. The clinician will ask questions regarding relevant medical history, complete an oral motor exam and administer standardized testing to assess the patient’s speech and language.

You should come prepared with all required forms (please see the Forms page), including insurance information, case history form and physician’s order stating, “ST evaluation and treatment.” You should also bring any relevant medical documents and copies of speech-language assessments completed in the past.

Yes; if you are planning to bill your speech language therapy to your insurance company, you will need a referral. Please contact our billing department if you need more information.

Most insurance companies require that the therapy be “medically necessary.” Your therapist can determine if your therapy is medically necessary during the initial evaluation. Please refer to the insurance page for information about which types of insurance we accept; if you have further questions, please contact our billing department.

No, TVTS does not currently have an audiologist on staff. Please refer to the Resources page for audiologists in the Temecula area. If hearing loss is suspected, it is most beneficial to complete this process before your assessment at TVTS and bring a copy of the report to your assessment.

Yes, please call our office for further information.

Yes; speech-language therapy helps individuals with both speech and language difficulties. Some patients have intelligible speech but have word finding difficulties and/or problems understanding lengthy or complex information. Speech therapy can help with a variety of language impairments as well as speech impairments.

Yes; A speech-language pathologist can help the person with dementia use strategies to preserve communication and cognitive functioning for as long as possible. This includes the use of “memory books” to assist the recall of personal information or daily events; the use of other written cues for completing tasks or to assist memory recall; and training family members or caregivers in how to communicate better with the person with dementia.