Let’s TalkAboutAphasia


(I’d like to include this video in the post) June is Aphasia awareness month and here at TVTS we want to encourage you to help us spread Aphasia awareness! Statistics from the National Aphasia Association (NAA) report that some 84.5 % of people have never heard of Aphasia. Those who are “aphasia aware” [...]

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Dance Into Summer


Did you know that TVTS now offers dance classes? We do! And the best part is ALL children ages 4-8 are welcome to jump, jive and boogie with us! Dance class includes 8 weeks of fun and dancing, where kids will learn dance moves in genres such as: ballot, hip-hop, jazz and creative movement. There [...]

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TVTS Promoting Language


On to the next fairly common concern we hear from parents on almost a daily basis. What do most parents want their child to do?  "Listen"! And by "listen," don't we mean follow directions and do what we ask? I can almost see you nodding your head. It is possible that your child is [...]

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TVTS Language Expansion


As a parent, it's more than likely you are craving more information, looking for more ideas which will facilitate your child's understanding and use of language.  These days there is so much information available to us, it's difficult to know where to begin, what materials are worth purchasing, and if these ideas are truly [...]

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